Custom made

The future is now

There are so many possibilities and plenty of room for improvement. NDW like to share this view of our ambitions. We were the first to implement carbon rollers at airports, we have an even smarter drive roller in the pipeline and, on the subject of control and selfmanagement, we have various developments lined up. Your ideas are paramount to that too, because you have your own vision of the future. If we can chart out everyone’s wishes and possibilities, we can create mutual advantages, producing solutions that will benefit everyone, from manufacturer to the youngest child that leads its own life.

Progress cannot be halted – and even if it could, we wouldn’t want to. However, new products require different handling, technical developments are catalysts for improvements in efficiency regarding deployment in logistics. NDW is constantly dedicated to making the latest developments available to our clients, which we can do because we watch the markets closely and because we have our own development department.