Complex conveyor solutions

Reliability, sustainability and innovation are our motivation In 2015, NDW commenced the development of conveyor roller solutions. This ensures motorised rollers to be more easily deployed. Furthermore, a total transport installation can be controlled in a cheaper and more straight forward manner.

This year NDW will bring the first 3 drive controllers onto the market. The 3 drive controllers are named: Budget, Basic and Basic Plus. These can be used for standard transport installations as well as to control more complex installations. Thanks to the combination of a strong brushless conveyor roller (the 50DRX and 60DRX), NDW has a new technology and power that is suitable for transporting light to semi-heavy products up to 300 kg.

Our own staff are also given plenty of scope for professional growth and attend training programmes to ensure that they keep up with the times and the latest technology in their fields. We can then apply that technology to our production process without any problems and, as a result, tomorrow’s technology become available today. Because we want to continuously improve our processes and ensure a high rate of production, we follow the guidelines set out in Quick Response Manufacturing. If any part of our process reveals an opportunity to make more profit without impairing our quality, we will certainly take advantage of it.