Innovative solutions boost progress, progress that should be embraced and understood by everyone who works with those innovations. That’s why NDW EC offers training sessions too. With the help of our training sessions, your staff can work effectively and efficiently with NDW’s UTC. They will be able to program your entire line in next to no time. It is straightforward, effective and efficient. The training sessions are held at our site in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, or we could arrange, on request, a customised training session at your site.

It is essential to remain innovative if we do not want to lose sight of the future, and one way of doing that it to keep abreast of the developments on the market. Another aspect is education and NDW is a firm believer in good education; we are often invited to give guest lectures at technical schools attended by our prospective employees. It means we can keep on eye classes of engineers as they prepare for their careers and, in turn, we are introduced to fresh, new ideas.