Evolution Center

As innovation is clearly part of our vision, it is essential to constantly monitor the market. To respond to questions we have distilled and to take up challenges you present to us, NDW has set up an Evolution Center. This center, which focuses entirely on innovation and the future, is in Eindhoven and it is where we examine, test and implement primarily software-based innovations that fit in seamlessly with the ever-changing logistics market.

The Future is Now

NDW EC for you

NDW always chooses the best product for that use, while thinking out of the box. We continually optimise the manufacture, the parts used and the quality process. The production machines we use are the results of our own ideas and designs, and we manage them ourselves too. We work this way because we can control and manage all stages of production while our own maintenance department ensures that the manufacturing process can operate without cease. We do not depend on anybody else, which means we can guarantee our delivery times and respond quickly to the wishes of our clients.